Dr & Nurse; Husband and Wife in a luxury clinic – Natural and expert treatments for you to look really good

If you are looking for a professional, discreet and honest clinic with a highly trained and qualified experienced nurses and doctors to advise you on what the best options are for your face and concerns, then look no further.

There are a confusing and growing number of cosmetic treatments and salons / clinics which all vary in their approach. It can be daunting to try and choose who to go to without feeling out of control and with someone you can trust with your skin and face.  It is very important to feel safe and trusting in whoever carries out these treatments. They should be medically qualified, have updated training in the latest knowledge, techniques and safe approach as well as being an honest, ethical person who is friendly and empathetic. Alison has many years of experience in the industry and fully understands these concerns. She also has a safety first approach and will be able to tell you which treatments will suit your individual needs and appearance rather than steering you to expensive (or cheap), unreliable treatments.

Alison Taylor is set apart from generic cosmetic salons and clinics. Rather than just treating with fillers / Botox, Alison will assess your facial anatomy, your facial expression, skin condition, ageing process and concerns and be able to discuss in full detail what is possible and appropriate for you to consider for the best results. This is the best way to approach rejuvenation treatments. No pouty lips, no cheap answers, total support and trusted advice for a successful journey to looking and feeling the best you can.

Registered Nurse Prescriber Alison Taylor has been carrying out cosmetic and medical treatments in her own professional and accredited clinics since 2006, following her 23 year NHS senior nursing career.  Located in a luxury Harley Street type clinic in central Cheltenham, the centre of the Cotswolds, Alison can offer you the culminated knowledge, training and passion for excellence which she has gained over the years. Alison is one of the few medical professionals to have worked full time in aesthetics and so her experience cannot be easily compared to other part time / visiting professionals of other clinics.

The clinic itself is discreetly located in Cheltenham town centre. You can be assured of a truly friendly, individual approach where you will not be pressured. All consultations are free with no obligation. The advice you receive will be unbiased, professional and honest. Alison has a huge following of clients who are happy with their natural results and she prides herself on using top quality products and latest safest techniques. In partnership with her husband, Dr Mark Pearce, who also treats and acts as a manager, supervisor and medical consultant to the clinic, you know you are in the safest of hands.

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About Alison Taylor

Husband & Wife / Dr & Nurse Team

Registered Nurse Alison Taylor

& her husband

Dr Mark Pearce

Dream Team

Alison Taylor – registered nurse with 27 years NHS experience and 17 years full time aesthetic experience, along with her GP husband, Dr Mark Pearce together can offer you safe, medically qualified hands, within a luxury aesthetic clinic which carries a the latest treatments and medical devices. Both Alison and Mark believe passionately in offering safe and natural treatments.

As Alison has developed her knowledge and experience over the years, she has attended frequent and regular updates in training in advanced anatomy, complication management, and product developments. This adds to her holistic approach to assessment. Alison is not the person who will do a quick fix – the treatments are taken seriously and your whole personality and desired results are discussed at length because what can be offered can result in long lasting, beautiful results. She may use her knowledge steer you towards a different, more appropriate treatment and part of her success is her honesty and good value – not sales or time pressure.  The goal is a natural and healthy result.

Alison is well known within the professional circles of the wider medical cosmetic industry and attends peer group training, updates, conferences and training to advanced levels frequently. Such is her knowledge and experience, she has been offered exclusive access to training in treatments normally reserved for doctors and surgeons and products which are kept for the experts only. (This includes Ellansé filler which can last up to 3 years, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift normally reserved for Doctors and Surgeons, Ellansé, Sculptra, Lanluma, Viscoderm Hydrobooster and Profhilo –  which require specific training and all of which should only be administered by qualifies, trained and competent professionals. (You will find black market products and non-medical professionals offering these at discount prices but beware).

Unlike many franchises or other medical cosmetic clinics which are sales and target driven, Alison has an ethical and honest approach to treatments and will have no hesitation in declining to treat if there is any doubt about the safety or benefit of a treatment.

You will not be pressured to proceed and will have the chance of a full and honest discussion about your concerns and what may work for you, giving you the full picture of what is possible and how you can look a better version of yourself – not “over-done” or “plastic” or any obvious outward signs of “work”. This requires a certain artistry and science knowledge which Alison uses daily.

You will also have what is unique to medically qualified practitioners – a professional Duty of Care and so you will be looked after throughout the whole process – before, during and after.

Alison is a passionate believer in doing the right thing for people’s best interest.

Polite, professional and incredibly pleased with my results. Thanks Alison. 5*
Peter Baker

Have been going to Alison’s clinic for some time now , have to say very happy on every visit . No hard sell for other treatments . Very professional , highly recommend.

Samantha Barnes