Clinical Infection Control Protocol


The clinic will be deep cleaned at the end of each working day

Door handles and keys to be wiped before and after use

Immediate hand hygiene

Hand sanitising station, chair and table to be positioned outside. these then wiped with disinfectant

Before entering the clinic or room within the clinic, hands must be washed thoroughly or sanitised

Clinic will have been cleaned at end of previous day with good ventilation

Phones and other contact surface tech to be wiped with disinfectant

Disposable face masks will be provided and must be worn throughout the time spent in clinic premises. Bins for safe disposable are outside the clinic and front door

Alison will have clean hands and all clinic surfaces will be clean prior to your arrival. She will be wearing scrubs, a face mask and visor and will use gloves during treatments.

On entering the room

To improve airflow and ventilation, the front door and back door will be held open, with an air purifying fan in the clinic room.

All items that have been used for the care of the patient is treated as clinical waste

Cleaning process

Disposable cloths or paper roll, to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces or floor or chairs or door handles or reusable non-invasive care equipment or sanitary fittings in the room, using disposable anti-microbial wipes.

Cleaning and disinfection of reusable equipment

Clean and disinfect any reusable non-invasive care equipment, such digital thermometers, that are in the room prior to their removal.

Clean all reusable equipment systematically from the top or furthest away point, and from clean to dirty

On leaving the room

Discard detergent or disinfectant solutions safely at disposal point

All waste from contaminated areas should be removed from the room

Clean, dry and store re-usable parts of cleaning equipment, such as handles

Remove and discard PPE as clinical waste

Perform hand hygiene

Cleaning of communal areas

Waiting area, toilet facilities and entrance to clinic and clinic rooms to be cleaned with detergent and disinfectant as soon as practicably possible between each patient and at the end of each working day

Clinical waste to be safely binned and disposed of

Hand hygeine

Restore position of hand sanitising stations

Cleanse exit path and door handles