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Alison hopes that this article will help and reassure you when you make an appointment. Alison Taylor is a Registered Nurse Prescriber with 23 years NHS experience and has been running her Medical Aesthetic Clinic since 2006 as a full time Medical Aesthetic Nurse. Regular updating in skills training by the best UK trainers and pharmaceutical companies means that she has extensive experience in the latest techniques and products. She is known for taking a conservative and cautious approach to get the best, subtle and natural outcome.

Combine this expertise with a friendly, honest, straight forward and down to Earth personality and you will receive the best advice, based on your individual needs and condition.

Your initial 30 minute consultation is free, with no obligation or pressure to proceed. Alison will listen to what you feel is the problem and base her assessment on a multitude of factors. When you are comfortably chatting, Alison can assess your facial movements, symmetry and characteristics as you talk. She can gauge your personality and mental health as the conversation goes on to ensure that you are capable of understanding the treatment and all of the involved details and effects. This all sounds a bit intense but it’s not. Feedback is that everyone feels at ease from first meeting and Alison can guarantee that she is actively listening to you and considering the best treatment.

Because of her passion for results, positive patient experience and their perceptions, the assessment is multi-dimensional. It’s a level up in sophistication and you are benefitting from her years of experience. It isn’t a quick chat to have fillers or an entrapment to buy into multiple treatments which are expensive and daunting. Alison will gauge how much consideration you’ve given this. She appreciates it can take months or years to gather the courage to make the appointment. She knows that you’ll feel embarrassed or fear you’re being fussy or the treatment might make you look strange and that’s a real hurdle for some people. She knows there are so many choices and that all of the information is confusing. Prices vary hugely for what looks like the same treatments. The clinics can vary in their approach – some are very pressured, glamorous and charming all down the spectrum to a seedy little room in a hairdresser or a Botox party. It is a problem for you. Not one clinic will be the same. Alison is not money driven. Obviously, there is a living to be made and costs to cover but you won’t feel exploited or ripped off. Ever.

Alison will present to you her thoughts on the best way forward – which may differ from yours, but you’ll get a full explanation of this. Each treatment carries different benefits and possible risks (an injection involves a needle and a product – it is medical). It would be foolish to think that just because it is a cosmetic procedure for your well being that it is different from any other injection. That is why Alison believes passionately that this is a medical specialism, widely copied or mimicked by non medical amateurs offering bargain prices which confuse and can be harmful. Alison will not treat if she feels there may be a risk to your health. She will ask about any health issues, medication and allergies before each treatment.

You will be fully informed – this can scare a few people but once you have a chance to really look into what is possible, you will be reassured that you are in the best safe hands.

Regarding the prices – Alison’s prices have not really changed since 2005. At this time, the prices were about average for Gloucestershire. Since then, cheap salons and treatments have flooded the market with money in their sights and the prospect of inflating lips for an extra income. These cheap treatments make Alison’s look comparatively expensive – but the prices are fair for the quality of care / product and service you receive. The cheap treatments carry the risk that, if you do have any problems with treatments, they don’t have a Duty of Care to look after you. They cannot fully legitimately obtain fillers and Botox from reputable medical suppliers. They buy fillers online which may be illegally supplied / fake / out of date / not tested / not safe. If you have a bad reaction or experience, they can’t do anything about your problem or they may not understand what’s gone wrong and avoid contact with you. They may abandon you.

The NHS is picking up the bill to help these after effects. It is an illusion when you read that a beautician claims she is medically trained. They should be medically qualified. There’s a difference. Alison adheres to her Professional NMC  standards, has comprehensive insurance, uses effective infection control equipment, prescribes pharmaceutical grade products. She can prescribe medications which can manage any problems, and even reverse some treatments. She professionally assesses and follows up throughout your journey – from start to happy end. She is available to call and genuinely concerned about your best interests. The fundamental standard for all nurses is to act in your best interests.

Alison is artistic and scientifically minded. She applies her knowledge and skill with an artists eye to give you a subtle, natural and long lasting result. She knows the anatomy thoroughly, she knows the products, she knows just how much and where you need treatments so that you are delighted with your refreshed face.

Once you’ve finished your first meeting, you will be confident with the knowledge that you are in safe, experienced, professional hands. You’ll have full information to consider and you’ll be under no pressure.

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