Terms & Conditions

T’s & C’s – Terms & Conditions


All treatments must be paid for in full at the time of treatment appointment. This may be in cash, card or Bank transfer.

All treatments carry an intrinsic and unavoidable risk of bruising, redness, swelling, occlusion (blood vessel blockage), pain and some down-time recovery. Please read all of the after care and further information for each treatment on each treatment page on this website. Please take this into account when planning your treatment date and time to ensure minimum impact on your social and professional life.

Extra treatments to patients from other clinics (in the case of correcting filler or toxin treatments by another practitioner) may incur a charge. Hyalase injections for the dissolving of hyaluronic dermal fillers and the follow up appointments to review will incur a cost of a minimum of £150 per session – repeated sessions may be necessary. All calls, forward referrals and other associated costs are included in this fee. Toxin correction treatments will incur a cost of the respective areas treated as if the whole area has been treated. The costs include the knowledge, skills and consultation involved in assessment and carrying out the procedure.


All Offers must be paid in full in Advance

Offers of Services and products will be sold at current non reduced Price List amount unless specified by quoting the Offer Number or Reference at time of booking.

Offers are 1 per person, cannot be redeemed in cash, cannot be transferred or exchanged.

Bundle offers (those sold together in groups of 2,3 or 6) cannot be split

There is no payment plan or Direct Debit plan available on any offers.

All Offers / Promotional Vouchers and Discounts are only valid for 3 months from issue. Treatments must be paid in full in advance. Treatment courses must be booked and commenced before expiry date of voucher although some course treatments may continue after expiry date and will be honoured provided payment has be made in full in advance.


Any treatment courses must be completed within 4 months of the purchase or first treatment or within one month of each other until the completion of the course.

We cannot offer refunds for treatment courses not completed as they cannot be redeemed in cash.

GoCardless DIRECT DEBIT Plans

Payment in full for initial treatment and then future payments can be redeemed against further treatments – for example: Payments of £55 per month can go towards any treatment but if the amount exceeds the total paid to date, the difference must be paid in full on the day of treatment.

Payments cannot be refunded if no treatments are carried out or after any treatments.

A limit of £300 in payments is allowed to be reached, after which the Direct Debit mandate may be cancelled.

Gift Cards, Vouchers and Offers cannot be redeemed against monthly payments which must remain the same for the term nor be redeemed in cash equivalent.

All legal obligations are upheld by both parties.


£15 Gift Card for your birthday.

Gift Cards are redeemable against any treatments (not Product sales). Gift Cards cannot be redeemed against regular Direct Debit Payments but can be used on presentation to use as a discount as intended.

All treatments have to have a consultation prior to appointment and the management reserve the right to decline treatment on medical, psychological or other grounds.

All treatments carried out will have some side effects, risk of adverse effects and downtime depending on the type of treatment. Please read all after care and treatment information sheets available at the bottom of each specific web page

Prices and Offers are subject to change without prior notice, all offers available at Managers discretion only.

All vouchers, offers and paid courses cannot be refunded if there is a change in business terms or conditions (ie. move to new premises, changes in staff and services) although we will do our best to fulfil all outstanding vouchers, offers and courses if they are within valid times.