Ellansé Treatment Information

The most powerful collagen stimulator. For natural, healthy results.

You can rebuild lost collagen and recapture that bright firm skin of your youth. This is the secret of those beautiful celebrities who deny having any work done but have wonderful skin.

Ellansé is becoming the preferred treatment to fillers as they are safer and have less complications. The results last far longer (up to 3 years) and during that time, your complexion and facial volume improves rather than needing topping up with short acting fillers. They don’t let amateurs train in Ellansé and so make sure whoever offers this is legitimate and medially qualified. 

Play the long game for long term results

An important fact to consider when having a treatment with Ellansé collagen stimulator is that it will take time for results to show. You will need to be patient and reframe your thoughts into a longer timescale to see results. It is about the same timescale it takes to recover from an injury because this is the equivalent collagen amount being produced. Don’t forget, this stimulation will carry on for up to 3 years so Alison will not want to implant too much.

This can be a two stage process. The first treatment initially improves volume, lines and shadows. After 4 months, the texture and firmness of the skin improves and helps us gauge how much collagen you are going to produce.

After 4 months, you will be reviewed and assessed to see if you need additional treatments.

Staged treatments are safer than one. You can spread the cost and any further syringes will be discounted in price and may not even be necessary depending on your initial skin response.

Remember: It takes months for the formation of enough of your own natural strong healthy collagen to become visible (just as if you are recovering from an injury).

Once established, this deep stimulation continues for up to 3 years.

Month 1 – 2:

Your lines will be less obvious and your facial volume will be improved with the initial plumping from the Ellansé gel.

Month 3-4:

The carrier gel slowly dissolves after 6 – 9 weeks and some volume loss may be sensed before your collagen has a chance to make up the difference. Please be patient as this stimulator is still doing its work and your collagen production is under way but may be slow. This depends on your body condition and healing capacity.

Month 4:

Time for your review and second (final) treatment if needed. By now, it will be clear how much collagen your body is making

As the body slowly dissolves the carrier gel and as you become used to your new look, you may feel the treatment hasn’t changed your face so much. After about 4 months, you will be seeing an improvement in the radiance of your skin as the collagen becomes visible for the first time. From this time, you will be able to gauge how much collagen your body is capable of making. It is now that you need to review the treatment and perhaps have the boost of a second treatment which will give you your long lasting results.

Discounted Treatment 2:

For some people, a second treatment will not  be necessary but it is always wise to budget and consider that the best results will be from seeing this as a two stage process.  At a review, it will be possible to see how your collagen production is progressing and therefore judge how much additional product will be needed. Remember that this is your final treatment and the results will last for up to 3 years and you’ll not be needing any more in between times.

This second treatment will be at a much reduced cost (at least 20% less per syringe).