ADVICE: COVID-19: Not taking bookings yet

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ADVICE: COVID-19: Not taking bookings yet

Revised 15 May 2020

Still CLOSED! Thank you for all of your support my lovely patients – as soon as Boris gives the go ahead, I will begin the three phase slow opening which I have decided as in everyones’ best interests. So far, it looks like mid – late July will be the earliest for us but it depends on the curve.

I am working hard to put in robust infection control policies and procedures in line with Govt advice and NMC standards. I am using the latest advice CoV 19 updates from the medical professional and Public Health England and will keep an eye out for any improvements I can make. I am bound to my professional duty of care and so you know I will provide you with the best protection available.

The clinic has also had a refurb to install clinical units for increased sanitation and there are new rules which we are all becoming accustomed to now.

This is my reference as it’s constantly under review and is science based, Clinical Advice SARS-CoV2 Gov.UK

The sad fact is there are a lot of salons etc who will have obtained a “certificate” from a supplier which will be a basic introduction to proper infection control. Frankly, it’s a bit of an insult really, when basic nurse training involves effective infection control techniques throughout clinical work clinic / salons will have some protection but I am setting mine to the highest clinical level and have started a robust infection control protocol for safety going forward.

Anyway, at least they’re trying. Just be careful and look after your own safety at all times – it is ultimately your choice to attend appointments but once you are in my care and clinic, it is my professional duty and responsibility to give you the best care.

This pandemic will certainly be a test for all of us in so many ways.

As soon as I get a date to open, I will start the re-opening by

1. Re-booking all appointments which still exist in the clinic diary

2. Re-booking all those cancelled from 23 March 2020

3. Offering a fast booking system for all those who have had appointments cancelled and have been to me before (No new appointments until we have settled back)

Kelly will be on hand to help with all bookings as I will hand the phone back as soon as we ease the lockdown

When I re-open, there will be new conditions which are now sadly our new reality for the foreseeable future.

For the first few weeks after opening,

I will only be able to offer upper face Btx treatments

as I will expect everyone to wear a mask. The other reason for this is it is easier for me to manage clinically and safely with less inherent risk than fillers etc.

Once things settle – and only if they settle, then I will open for the full menu of fillers, collagen stimulation

There will be strict social distancing and reminders on all doors as to how to keep you safe which I want everyone to adhere to.

More on this and special CoV 19 instructions here: Terms & Conditions

More Information about COVID-19 updated here:COVID-19 INFORMATION

I am available to contact through the clinic number if you have any concerns 07887808680 and this obviously includes FaceTime chats too.

Let’s stay well and sensible and see how this all pans out. The biggest long term enemy here is fear, panic and selfishness. Let’s learn about hygiene and health and improve the community spirit of compassion for others more vulnerable.

We will all appreciate our lives and loved ones so much more after this.

Looking forward to seeing you and wishing you all health and happiness.





Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19:



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Treatment Information


Fever / sore throat / cough / shortness of breath

Procedure Time

Self Isolate for minimum 14 days and do not attend


14 days self isolation required


Most of us will have Mild to Moderate symptoms. The main interventions are aimed at reducing the spread so that the hospitals can cope. It is infectious and for some a serious illness especially those with pre-existing heart, kidney and breathing problems or immuno-suppressed

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