UPDATE: Morpheus 8 in our NEW CLINIC

Big News for September 2021

  • Be compassionate and calm - Clean hands, open hearts
  • Safety first - luxury included
  • The best medical devices in the best medical hands
UPDATE: Morpheus 8 in our NEW CLINIC


Alison has moved – just around the corner from her old clinic to

16/17 Clarence Parade, Cheltenham GL503PA.

It’s a short walking distance, just beyond Royal Well Bus Station and above the Sue Ryder Charity Shop – the door is to the side on the main street – buzz to enter.

September will see the launch of a new, 7 room clinic with 6 new innovative and top brand medical devices including Morpheus 8, along with an expanded medical team as her husband Dr Mark Pearce joins her and another Registered Nurse and Therapist to form a hugely experienced, safe team beyond rival, to become the largest clinic in the Cotswolds, and the first to be able to offer the famous Morpheus 8.

After massive investment and faith in her large following, Alison decided she needed to expand to meet demand, and that has evolved rapidly into creating the perfect medical team, in a beautiful huge clinic with the top branded treatments to hand.There has never been such choice and luxury in an aesthetic clinic locally.

Followers, do not fear. the service will not change – Alison and her well trained team will continue to be friendly, approachable and cautious. She is keen to keep her tribe – those ladies (and more and more men) who want to look their best, avoid looking “done”, and feel more confident and in safe hands. The key to confidence is feeling that you have some control over what’s happening to yourself – whether it’s weight or health, your looks are core to your sense of well-being and there should be no shame in getting treatments to help you along the way. This clinic will be unique as the ethos will continue the same – safety first. Results and evidence based treatments provided by qualified and experienced medical professionals towards looking fabulous,  increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem. These treatments also offer the range of treatments which some people prefer, non injectable, luxurious and pampering – but all with great long lasting results.

Even more, there will be monthly Red Carpet Events to showcase individual new treatments, with exclusive Offers on the night , live treatment demonstrations, meet the team and ask questions, tour the clinic. followed by an informal evening of drink at Clarence Social to cap off the perfect night out in Cheltenham. This is all aimed at enlightening and educating about treatments and being open about what we like.

For the list of treatments coming soon: CLICK HERE

Keep an eye on emails, or contact us to get onto the mailing list.


Call / Text Jennifer to book in 07887808680

UPDATE June 2021

All treatments are available. If you have a vaccine booked, please allow three weeks either side for filler / collagen treatments. Please cancel your treatment, not your vaccine if necessary.

UPDATE 12 April 2021

At last we are feeling the clutches loosen and I can now offer full services once again, still with spaced appointment and all Covid protocols in place.

I am so looking forward to welcoming you back and looking forward to a brighter future

UPDATE 8 February 2021

CLOSED – limited essential clinics only

I will be holding elective limited medical clinics for those people who
1. Feel comfortable coming into clinic
2. Feel that the lack of treatment is impacting negatively on their psychological state
3. Are under age 60
4. Live within the county
5. Do not have any other underlying health conditions

These clinics will be under same strict Covid protocol control and only held on two days a week.


UPDATE 27 January 2021
CLOSED until safe

UPDATE 13 January 2021

I am remaining closed while I feel it is safest given the risk to Public Health. However, I may open in February if there are patients who feel they need treatments for mental health reasons or if they need a medical review. This is a consideration which depends on the numbers and my availability if I am working as a vaccinator.
I will update soon.


UPDATE 4 January 2021

I’ve written an article about coping and thriving during this time.

UPDATE 30 December 2020

Tier 4 – Happy New Tier 4
CLOSED again until further notice.
Please let’s not be complacent – play the game, stick to the rules, look after each other, stay in touch
I will update this page frequently and stay in touch with you as much as I can

I’ll rearrange appointments once I know how the land is lying – All deposits paid are safe but you’ll need to request a refund if you need a refund – otherwise, it will be transferred in full to the next appointment.

I’ll re-open as soon as we get into Tier 3….

Thank you for your support


UPDATE 3 December 2020

Well Lockdown 2.0 has been tougher for me than the first – as I know it has for many of us. Short notice cancellations and frantic communications and organising medical reviews and then, my lovely husband became unwell with Covid forcing us into isolation and delaying my re-opening.
Luckily, Mark has only mild symptoms so far and I am planning on re-opening on 11 December. I have re-booked everyone and am working extra long hours to accommodate all.

I am grateful and blessed to have such a loyal customer base and a good business to return to and am very hopeful that Mark will be well enough to leave for my return to clinic.

I want to reassure you all that if there was any risk, I would not open. I will be following all Covid Protocols as ever and I have also been tested. I will not put anyones health at risk.

Thank you for your support x here’s to a happy, healthy 2021


I want to thank every single person who has supported me and my business throughout this enlightening / testing / weird / sad / scary and confusing time.

I have had so many messages of support and kept in touch with so many that it has added to the intimate and close relationship I have with all of my patients.

Thank you – I am so happy you are well and delighted to be back

Below is the latest lockdown journey updates as they happen..



Review Clinic will be open on Wednesdays and Fridays from next week until end November for anyone needing a review. If you have had a recent treatment and are in need of a review, please call / text 07887808680 and I will book you in the review clinics on a Wednesday / Friday (appointment only).



I will be providing essential medical reviews for anyone who has had a treatment recently. I will be in clinic for short sessions twice a week from 10 November in order to provide medical follow up. Otherwise, I will be closed until I get the go ahead once again. I suspect the country will continue in lockdown until very near Christmas – possibly later, and then we will be in Tier 3 when I can review whether to open, if the R rate is falling and it is safe to do so.

I am available by phone / text / FaceTime: if we arrange a time, if you need information / support / a chat.07887808680

I will be going for an hours walk daily at 12 if anyone would like to join me, let me know by texting 07887808680 and we can meet (distanced of course).

If you like, you can move your appointment if you have one in December on the BOOK ONLINE page, on the home page: there is a link.

Otherwise, I will contact you as soon as I can about re-arranging once I can open again.

I’ll be updating this page regularly.

So here we go again. Please be aware that this lockdown is devastating for some. There are a lot worse off than ourselves. Be kind to others and yourselves. Take care and see you soon.



Awaiting announcement at 4pm
If we have a total lockdown next week, I’m afraid I will have to close. If it’s a partial for the South of England, I may be able to stay open on the terms of the last lockdown as a medical clinic.

Well, unfortunately, the lockdown is sooner and longer than I thought, and it’s far reaching. I am to close for four weeks minimum from Thursday 5 November.

I am so sorry. I will book you back in as soon as I can.
Look after yourselves and your loved ones. See you soon



The country is now experiencing a raised R number and the known cases and hospital admissions in Gloucestershire are rising. There are no known cases in Cheltenham hospitals but I am keeping vigilant.

Currently, the situation is unchanged in my clinic.

I am offering all treatments.

Full PPE and all measures continue with close contact limited to under 15 minutes and all social distancing continuing. It is unlikely that we will be forced to close but I will adhere to all Government guidelines and keep you informed as to any changes in opening or availability.


NEWS UPDATE: 4.40pm Monday 6 July 2020


I’ve just had the all clear from the Environmental Health!!

Back in Business!! All risk assessments and protocols agreed. I didn’t want to compromise my professional status and waited it out.

All appointments stand and I will catch up with everyone from today as soon as I can!! Hoorah!

The Government has officially recognised the clinic is a medically regulated facility.

I have legal agreements from all of my professional bodies, NMC, BACN, Save Face and my Medical Malpractice / Indemnity Insurance.

British Association of Cosmetic Nurses:


Statement from the BACN regarding an announcement from the Department of Health

The BACN is now in the position to formally announce that today, Monday 6th July, the Department of Health announced that the updated legislation  does NOT apply to medical aesthetics performed by regulated clinicians following a medical model.

You are therefore free to open your clinics with immediate effect.

The BACN have been working tirelessly to reaffirm the unique position of nurses along with the other medical professionals and are delighted that this has been accepted and endorsed.

Members are reminded to adhere to guidance of Government, Public Health England, our regulatory body the NMC and the guidance issued by the BACN.



and Save Face who accredit my clinic:

The Department of Health has confirmed today that this revision is to provide further clarity

and reach to the beauty sector- it DOES NOT apply to medical aesthetics performed by regulated clinicians following a medical model. 

Insurance fully in place.

Validation indeed. Safe (Medical) Hands

Revision 6 July 2020:

Late on Friday, in their latest update on business closures, the Government included the term “aesthetics” with beauty which has caused some to interpret this as aesthetic treatments.

This is probably due to some beauty salons offering aesthetic treatments within a beauty salon setting.

I should not be included in a beauty salon category as I am not one. I am not a beautician and have nothing to offer in the way of any beauty treatments.

I passionately feel that as a Registered Nurse Prescriber, who can manage all treatments and all that this involves, including assessment and comprehensive clinical judgements, with a strong ethical belief, medical independence that I am a medical clinic.

I have implemented all risk assessments and protocols for infection prevention and control as this is what I am medically qualified and trained in as a matter of course. I was ready to go today, Monday 6 July and I have been told not to.

Environmental Health who are tasked with enforcing lockdown our debating this.

I await their verdict somewhat reluctantly and I should hear very soon and as soon as I do, I will open and catch up all appointments with full restrictions and protective measures as always.

Unfortunately, it’s not worth me losing my license and so I am waiting for formal information.

Thank you for your support.

Please see this statement comparing clinical services with beauty salons : Clinic vs Beauty Salon

Revision 3 July 2020

It has been passed as new legislation at 3pm today:

I have been forced to stay closed.

“2020 No. 684
The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 2020

Laid before Parliament at 3.00 p.m. on 3rd July 2020

SCHEDULE 2 Businesses subject to closure: Regulation 4

7.—(1) Spas, and beauty salons, and for these purposes, “beauty salon” includes any premises providing beauty services including cosmetic, aesthetic and wellness treatments.”

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am. I have had the go ahead from the NMC, all of my professional medical regulatory bodies, environmental health, my insurance.

I have put in place every precaution and am only offering upper face Botox for a month (15 mins max) with full PPE and all precautions.

I have written and implemented all comprehensive risk assessments and policies. I have refurbished the clinic for easier cleaning.

I have hundreds of people booked in from Monday.

3pm on the Friday before opening, we are told to stay closed.

I have been put in a group with beauty salons which offers vastly different services and have no medical qualifications. Although the Govt have not specified medical aesthetics, local authorities may have a view as it is ambiguous.

I am so sorry. I must adhere to legislation – any clinics operating will be forced to close or face prosecution. It is sad that as nurse, we are called on in a pandemic and then not recognised as safest practitioners in aesthetics.

I will let you know when I get a date to open.

Thank you for your support.


Revision 26 June 2020:

Well after much document and policy searching and discussions with my professional colleagues and bodies, I have after all decided to open on 6 July. Provided there is not a surge in cases and increased lockdown measures are brought in again.

This hasn’t been an easy decision to make and I have a full statement further to this email here:


I am not a beauty salon, spa or nail bar and as such am not aligned to their rules as they offer multiple close contact and lengthy services which carry numerous and differing risk factors from my services. (Facials, waxing, massage, re-usable products and creams, broom sweeping of hair, to name a few). With the lift from 4 July for hair salons, I see it reasonable for my medical trained services to be cleared.

Please see this statement comparing clinical services with beauty salons : Clinic vs Beauty Salon

I am offering ONE service which involves full infection control procedures, full PPE and still distanced except just under 3 feet during injection.

My other reasonings are:

  • My DI registered Clinic  can carry out professional risk assessments as per my professional health care training
  • I am experienced in medical infection control measures as a matter of course
  • I am offering one treatment only – upper face Botox – which carried little / no risk
  • I have sought the advice of other medical colleagues
  • Contact is limited to max 10 minutes and with full PPE which minimises risk
  • All clinic Covid protocols have been implemented and will be reviewed
  • Insurance companies are less ambiguous now and will cover with our medical training and protocols

I hope this reassures you that you are in safe and legal hands and I look forward to seeing you 

Thank you for your patience



Revised 25 June 2020

Further to hopes of opening on 6 July, this afternoon,  I have sadly had notification from the Government and my Professional Bodies, that they are not allowing our sector to open “until further notice” (it may still be July but no date as yet).

I have previously been consistently advised that we came under personal care; with PPE and as a health care professional, I would be cleared to open from 4 July, provided the disease pattern was improving, which it is. I have booked in appointments under this advice. 

I have had formal instructions this afternoon that we now have to stay closed for longer.

If you feel distressed at this news, I can guarantee you that my distress matches and exceeds it as I have booked in so many people in good faith under guidance from this week for 6 July opening. 

It will be a huge undertaking to re-schedule everyone but I will do so.

I will refund any deposits if needed but I am hoping to move people rather than cancel, in which case your deposit is still valid and safe.

I ask you to be patient (again) and to understand that I have no choice over this decision, I am forced to comply or else be breaking the regulations, facing prosecution and losing my registration.This disease has wrought havoc on our lives, we just need to continue to wait.

If you see anyone offering treatments before the time I can open, they are either exploiting a loophole (in a guise of providing essential medical care) or acting illegally. Either way, they will not be insured.

I cannot afford to compromise and I am utterly stunned by this news and having to retract a promise. 

I appreciate you have been waiting a long time and I have missed working enormously – I am ready and raring to go, but I have been stopped. I am so sorry.

I will try to answer all emails, I need to wait and see as the situation changes every day. Please bear with me 

I will be in touch as soon as I know. I am aware of the priority list and the VIP list and the patience you have shown. 

Whatever happens, I will re-open when told and whatever order your appointment came, it will stay the same order of being seen, just to be fair.


I have put in additional robust infection control policies and procedures in line with Govt advice and NMC standards. I am using the latest advice CoV 19 updates from the medical professional and Public Health England and will keep an eye out for any improvements I can make. I am bound to my professional duty of care and so you know I will provide you with the best protection available.

The clinic has also had a refurb to install clinical units for increased sanitation and there are new rules which we are all becoming accustomed to now.

This is my reference as it’s constantly under review and is science based, Clinical Advice SARS-CoV2 Gov.UK

The sad fact is there are a lot of salons etc who will have obtained a “certificate” from a supplier which will be a basic introduction to proper infection control. Frankly, it’s a bit of an insult really, when basic nurse training involves effective infection control techniques throughout clinical work clinic / salons will have some protection but I am setting mine to the highest clinical level and have started a robust infection control protocol for safety going forward.

Anyway, at least they’re trying. Just be careful and look after your own safety at all times – it is ultimately your choice to attend appointments but once you are in my care and clinic, it is my professional duty and responsibility to give you the best care.

This pandemic will certainly be a test for all of us in so many ways.

As soon as I get a date to open, I will start the re-opening by

1. Re-booking all appointments which still exist in the clinic diary

2. Re-booking all those cancelled from 23 March 2020

3. Offering a fast booking system for all those who have had appointments cancelled and have been to me before (No new appointments until we have settled back)

Kelly will be on hand to help with all bookings as I will hand the phone back as soon as we ease the lockdown

When I re-open, there will be new conditions which are now sadly our new reality for the foreseeable future.

For the first few weeks after opening,

I will only be able to offer upper face Btx treatments

as I will expect everyone to wear a mask. The other reason for this is it is easier for me to manage clinically and safely with less inherent risk than fillers etc.

Once things settle – and only if they settle, then I will open for the full menu of fillers, collagen stimulation

There will be strict social distancing and reminders on all doors as to how to keep you safe which I want everyone to adhere to.

More on this and special CoV 19 instructions here: Terms & Conditions

More Information about COVID-19 updated here:COVID-19 INFORMATION

I am available to contact through the clinic number if you have any concerns 07887808680 and this obviously includes FaceTime chats too.

Let’s stay well and sensible and see how this all pans out. The biggest long term enemy here is fear, panic and selfishness. Let’s learn about hygiene and health and improve the community spirit of compassion for others more vulnerable.

We will all appreciate our lives and loved ones so much more after this.

Looking forward to seeing you and wishing you all health and happiness.




Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19:



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Alison is trained to an advanced level in facial anatomy and in administering medical aesthetic treatments and has carried out many thousands of treatments. She has a good reputation (see live reviews) and prides herself in carrying out discreet and natural treatments to give you the fresh open look without making it obvious.

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Alison is married to Dr Mark Pearce, a well known local GP who is also trained and experienced in aesthetic treatments and he is jining the team to provide a further set of safe hands beyond rival in the Cotswolds. Along with a further Registered Nurse and an experienced therapist, as well the latest technology in skin tightening and gradual, natural looking results, the luxurious clinic  is going to be a positive, safe experience for anyone interested in looking their best.