Endymed® Eye Lift & Lip Line Treatment

Endymed® Eye Lift & Lip Line Treatment

  • Raises eye lids, brow
  • Endybleph® Eye Lift
  • Open your eyes
  • Improves lip lines
Endymed® Eye Lift & Lip Line Treatment


Endymed 3DEEP Endybleph® & Lip Line Treatment

Endybleph® is a gentle way of lifting the eye lid and brow using the power of Radio Frequency Energy.

Endyemed Radio Frequency  is an amazing treatment using the power of sound energy to restructure the fine skin tissue without causing external damage or trauma.

Each treatment includes intense radio frequency therapy to the eye lids and lips to help tighten, firm and lift. 

A course includes 3 FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) and Skin Contouring and Tightening to the eyes and lips – each one 4 weeks apart.

Results can be seen 4 weeks following the last treatment (Collagen takes 12 weeks to develop)








5 stars, based on 841 reviews.

Treatment Information


£550 - free lip treatment included Prices are per full course of 3 FSR and 3 Skin Tightening sessions, 4 weeks apart

Procedure Time

Usually 45 minutes.


12 months depending on several factors (to be discussed at consultation), Top Up single sessions at £200 per year


1 hour (FSR leaves skin redness which can be covered)

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Alison Taylor Registered Nurse

Alison Taylor - Cosmetic Nurse

Alison Taylor is a Registered Nurse Prescriber and is highly experienced in medical cosmetic treatments. She has an honest and ethical approach and assesses each person individually and personally.

Alison is trained to an advanced level in facial anatomy and in administering medical cosmetic treatments and has carried out many thousands of treatments. She has a good reputation (see live reviews) and prides herself in carrying out discreet and natural treatments to give you the fresh open look without making it obvious.

Alison is constantly updating her skills to ensure best and latest treatments and has recently started a post graduate L7 degree course in Advanced Clinical Facial Anatomy to further extend her knowledge and safety in practice. You can check Alison’s registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council  (under her married name Alison Jane Pearce)