Silhouette Soft Threads

Non surgical jowl lift

Silhouette Soft Threads

Jowl lifting with Silhouette Soft Threads

Are you looking for:  Redefined Jawline? Improved skin laxity? Immediate results that last?

All with minimal downtime..

Using the latest training and technology, it is now possible to have a non surgical lift which physically holds up the jowls and nose to mouth lies, tightening the jaw line like no other treatments. This is an amazing and safe procedure compared to fillers and surgical facelifts. The downtime is minimal and the effects are fantastic. the threads hold the facial skin in place and the start to stimulate a powerful collagen stimulation which further lifts and gives radiant string skin. Effects last up to 18 months and look natural.
The invisible threads holding up time…
This lift is a great alternative to surgery, as some skin conditions cannot be resolved with fillers alone. Where a surgical face lift has extensive risks, downtime and costs, the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift provides a significant lift in the mid face and jaw line and neck without these risks and very little downtime. Beyond PDO threads which cannot lift and until now a Surgeon / Doctor only treatment, Alison has been trained in the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift to join a very limited number of experienced and expert nurses who can carry out this treatment. It requires a high level of artistry, anatomical and medical knowledge in which Alison has a great track record.
Double Benefits
With the immediate lift your skin will then respond with a collagen response which holds the threads and gives the skin elasticity, radiance and rejuvenating texture which lasts up to 18 months.
Amazing lift for jowls, nose to mouth lines, jaw line and neck. Ideally suited to those aged 35 – 55 with good skin condition and health.
Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if this may be the treatment you are looking for.
For each treatment, I will be assisted by my lovely husband Dr Mark Pearce for your added comfort and reassurance.
If you are contemplating this procedure, please contact the clinic for an appointment for your full assessment appointment. A deposit of £200 will be required 7 days prior to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does Silhouette Soft Threads Hurt?
Local anaesthetic is used throughout the procedure and you should not feel any pain from the procedure although some of it may feel uncomfortable for a very short time. The whole procedure takes about 45 – 60 minutes.
Taking paracetamol prior to the procedure will also help (avoid Ibuprofen as this thins the blood)
Am I suitable?
Most people are suitable although there are some limitations. Ideally, age range 35 – 55 is best. Alison will specifically assess your suitability for the best outcome of the Silhouette procedure and discuss all the aspects with you. The main criteria will be volume loss and skin condition so that results are the best. Heavy tissue weight, poor skin condition and health issues may affect the appropriateness of this treatment.
Will It Be Uneven?
After the procedure, there may be some swelling. This can sometimes be uneven. There may also be temporary puckering of the skin that has been pulled up near the ears. This may be uneven for a week or so but will settle down. Any asymmetries can be dealt with in the aftercare period where Alison will keep a close eye on you.
I have heard that Threads can break?
Silhouette threads very rarely break. However, I have heard of PDO threads breaking shortly after treatment and causing major problems. PDO is designed to be absorbed quickly and specifically to disappear rather than producing collagen. With Silhouette threads, they may ‘pop’ when patients yawn or move quickly in the days following treatment. This is a normal part of the healing process. You will be instructed how to minimise this
What Is A Heavy Tissue Type?
At your consultation, Alison will assess your tissue type and whether you are likely to get good results from the silhouette procedure. Light and heavy tissue types can make a real impact on the success of treatment so it’s important to make sure your practitioner knows the difference!
Will I Need Time Off Work?
It is perfectly possible to return to work the day after the procedure and swelling and bruising can be disguised.
How Long does the Procedure take?
The procedure takes around 60 minutes and you will spend between half an hour or an hour preparing and having your consultation. The total amount of time you are in the clinic is usually between 60-90 minutes. You will see immediate results and the skin condition then starts to tighten and improve as the weeks go by in the second phase of collagen stimulation.
Does Silhouette involve stitches?
No – the term ‘one-stitch face-lift is a misnomer. There are no incisions and there are no stitches – apart from the suture itself that is inserted under the skin.
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Treatment Information


Deposit required: Prices start from Mild Face Lift £1900 Midface, Jowl & Neck Lift from £2400

Procedure Time

60 minutes treatment. 4 further appointments are included for assessment and follow up


up to 18 months but collagen stimulated may last longer


30 mins (assuming no bruises or complications)

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Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor - Cosmetic Nurse

Alison Taylor is a Registered Nurse Prescriber and is highly experienced in medical cosmetic treatments. She has an honest and ethical approach and assesses each person individually and personally.

Alison is trained to an advanced level in facial anatomy and in administering medical cosmetic treatments and has carried out many thousands of treatments. She has a good reputation (see live reviews) and prides herself in carrying out discreet and natural treatments to give you the fresh open look without making it obvious.

Alison is constantly updating her skills to ensure best and latest treatments and has recently started a post graduate L7 degree course in Advanced Clinical Facial Anatomy to further extend her knowledge and safety in practice. You can check Alison’s registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council  (under her married name Alison Jane Pearce)